Beginnings. My First crusade. Nakuru, Kenya 2002

A remarkable Invitation……

In 2002 I was on staff as a pastor at Southend Vineyard church in Southend on Sea in the UK, and amongst my roles was running a large discipleship house group of about 35 people. One day, a Kenyan African minister called Boniface began to attend my house group. To my surprise, after some months of attending, he invited me to do a big conference and some crusade meetings at his friend’s large church in Nakuru, in Kenya. Sure enough, a letter of invitation arrived from Africa.
His friend in Kenya, Bishop Dr Charles Marita, a nationally known Kenyan church leader, and TV presenter, was no ordinary friend. He turned out to Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s personal Interpreter and friend, who Evangelist Bonnke used as an interpreter for all of his huge Crusades right across East Africa! At the recent CfaN crusade in Nakuru, Bishop Dr Charles shared the stage with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda in a place of honour.
Little did I know at the time, that this unexpected invitation and the mission I undertook in 2002, was just the beginning of a calling, and a divine link to CfaN. This was not just a one-off invitation to minister at crusades. My later invitation to CfaN Boot Camp in 2020 gave me the training, and experience to carry on what I stated all those years ago in Kenya.

The mission

I successfully conducted a crusade to Kenya where I preached in front of many thousands, with large numbers coming to the Lord. I saw the Lord do many signs and wonders to confirm His message. Just one example was a man with a completely paralyzed hand, who was instantly healed by Jesus during the ministry.
Bishop Dr Charles Marita said of my visit ‘The crusades and outdoor meetings were great. The word is growing and increasing and many who heard you, are always asking when you are coming back to Kenya. You have a home in Kenya and a friend to work with’.
Bishop Dr Charles has become my honoured friend, and it was a privilege to return to Kenya again and minister with him at his church and on TV in 2021

Thank you for your prayers! Your partner in the Harvest!