2023 Zambia

The CfaN Lusaka Gospel Invasion April / May 2023

The First mission of 2023 for me was The Lusaka Gospel Invasion.

Decapolis is a Greek Biblical word meaning ‘10 cities’ for the area of that name in Jesus’ time which he visited. Every Cfan Decapolis Crusade, is held in one of 10 city locations chosen in a country, hence the name Decapolis.

Each Decapolis crusade are preceded by an ‘Invasion evangelism event’, consisting of schools and truck preaching from trucks to small crowds i markets places etc. This invasion of evangelists doing numerous small events, advertises, inspires and prepares the ground for the great Decapolis crusades which follow immediately after in that vicinity, which can draw up to 100,000 people in attendance. At the end of our two weeks we served at one of the big Decapolis crusades shown above.

I was involved in the gospel invasion in N’gombe, Lusaka. This was one of the 10 city locations in Zambia where CfaN was doing crusades.

What a mighty time it was!! And this year, the invasion saw twice the number of decisions for Jesus that the previous Decapolis last year. Combined with all the other gospel invasion teams, we broke through the 1 million mark! 1,040,720 decisions for Christ through the crusades in Zambia by CfaN.

The results were amazing. One church reported: The number of new believers has increased, we have new converts in our churches as well as the land. Previously we had a lot of deaths in N’gombe but to Gods glory after the crusade the land is delivered. We have the peace of God, and the gospel has a free course in people lives.

As well as the normal truck out reaches in markets and main busy streets, and including schools crusades our large team shown above in Ngombe and other areas alone saw 209,133 decisions for Jesus!!

It was a busy 2 weeks, and we visited many locations including everywhere from:
• Schools
• A police station and prison
• A hospital
• A huge woodyard with hundreds of workers, working on lumber and timber
• Small neighbourhoods and market places

Of all the places we went to, here are some memorable highlights for me:

The Wood Yard

We were given access to enter a very large enclosed open area timberyard employing hundreds of men, where huge stocks and piles of lumber were being cut into various kinds of timber. Various members of the team ministered including myself. It felt like a old fashioned 19th or 20th century revival, with men literally running forward for salvation and over 250 giving their lives to Jesus in the main area stacked full of piles of lumber. In the dining area, I preached, and we had a response of over 150 decisions for Jesus, praise God, and God confirmed his word with many healings!

The Police station and prison

Here I was asked to preach into a room of around 26 men waiting for trial, all been held in a large police cell. But For a first time ever, the only place I could deliver a message was through a gap in the iron door, little bigger than a letter box!

All the men I could see made a response to Jesus and prayed to receive Him as their Lord and saviour!

A quiet neighbourhood.…but quite extraordinary miracles!!

There was one neighbourhood that I believe told an almost Biblical story. In many ways this little particular neighbourhood was a typical neighbourhood square/open space, with a public water well, like many that we preached in. But this particular one wasn’t very busy, it was very quiet. There were perhaps only just over a dozen children playing in the area, so the team leader decided to only do a children’s presentation of the gospel. Afterwards we started to do our praying for the sick ministry to the children.

Then it happened… A desperate mother, shown here, came out with a young child who was complete deaf and mute. The team checked the child who was completely unresponsive, with just a glazed sad look. Then one of our team prayed for the child and commanded the deaf and dumb spirit to leave. Almost instantly the child was able to start to talk, and obviously when we tested him again, he could now hear!!!

The exclaims of joy, happiness and astonishment from the mother were met with people hurriedly coming out from the houses everywhere bringing their sick. One woman approached me and spoke: ‘My friend has a problem, she keeps falling over’ (I quickly understood she was having fits) I rebuked the spirit of epilepsy and demons causing the fits to leave.

Immediately I spoke, the young woman manifested the spirit and fell on the ground writhing on the floor. In Jesus name we cast out the spirit and many other healings were happening by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now the crowd was huge and included a very many adults who had been drawn to what was going on. The team evangelist leader decided we needed to preach again to this newly assembled crowd. If I remember correctly, we saw around 176 decisions for Jesus from that little corner of Lusaka, now full up with people, which had been so quiet and virtually empty when we entered it!!!

To me, this was just like New Testament Christianity. It shows Jesus was actually walking with us, because we saw the same reaction from people on the streets.

John 6:2 says A huge crowd kept following him wherever he went, because they saw his miraculous signs as he healed the sick.


We must never forget that when we preach the gospel our lives may be at risk. We were preaching in a market when police fired an AK47 shot at someone running away literally just feet behind my back across this market shown here!!! At first, I didn’t know if I had been shot myself!!! This is the kind of gunshots the world offers. Ones that lead to suffering and death.

But all day we had been using a different gun for a different purpose…… REINHARD BONNKE famously once said: ‘The Gospel is the only gun which, when you shoot a dead man with it, he becomes alive!!’

Here were the official results of our invasion crusade categorising the different outreaches:

Thank you for your prayers! Your partner in the Harvest!